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CMG Pro Security Personal Protection Officers are the elite of the Security Officers nationwide. They have all received very specialized training from law enforcement, military and Executive Protection Training from the top ranked schools in the nation.


Our investigators at CMG Pro Investigations conduct a wide range of investigations, from a standard type to the very unique. All of our assignments are conducted with complete discretion, confidentiality, and thoroughness. Our staff encourages you to contact us for a complete consultation and be assured that discretion and confidentially are strictly adhered to as dictated by our high standards and ethics of our Industry.


CMG Pro Security is a full service security agency. We are trained and experienced in 24/7 management operations from gated communities to individual properties. CMG Pro Security will customize a security plan for your needs as well as your budget. Call us today to have a free security assessment at 386-760-3790 Ext. 10

Coronavirus: Keeping Your Organization Secure

Healthcare, Retail and Eldercare Industries

As the news of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) becomes more apparent, a pandemic mindset often comes into play, and panic can often result. Security during this time is paramount for the safety of your employees, customers, and clients.

Whether you operate a healthcare facility, a retail store, or a business organization, a temporary security guard can assist with situations when circumstances require security assistance. Our security guards can take precautionary steps because preventative security measures go a long way to avoid safety and security related issues.

Panic may drive an unprecedented number of people to hospitals, emergency rooms, and urgent-care facilities, believing they must get tested for the Coronavirus. An onslaught of people coming into healthcare facilities can lead to a disturbance of regular protocols and endanger patients as well as staff. Temporary security guards can quell the confusion simply by their presence and are able to bring order to overcrowded waiting rooms. Professional Security Officers are trained in crowd control and will implement necessary controls to assure the safety and security of medical staff and patients.

As the media plays up the news of the Coronavirus 24/7 and a panic mindset spreads in the United States, people assume they must stock up on basic necessities, and many people may try to hoard supplies. This panic may bring in a multitude of people to retail stores to purchase items that they believe will become in short supply. Professional uniformed security guards in retail stores are there to ensure that people remain calm and order is enforced. Trained security officers are prepared to monitor volatile situations, take the necessary actions to secure your store and make sure that both retail staff and customers are safe.

We all know that the elderly are at the most significant risk of contracting the virus. Eldercare and long term healthcare facilities will need to create and mandate new safety rules to make sure that the residents are protected from the Coronavirus. One way to do this is to monitor all visitors and vendors that are entering the facility through checkpoints. A security guard can effectively monitor those intending to enter the facility, have them sign in, and using a thermal scanner, take their temperature. Anyone with a fever will be turned away immediately to protect residents and patients.

We hope that your organization stays safe during this time of uncertainty. Preventative security measures go a long way towards the prevention of unnecessary disturbances. At CMG Pro Security, our security officers are ready to assist your organization with any security guard services you may need to keep your business or institution running smoothly.

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