Employment Opportunities

CMG is always looking for the most qualified and well trained Security Officers, Investigators and Personal Protection Specialists available. Becoming an asset of CMG Pro Security is easy. Simply click on the link below and fill out our general application. We will be in touch as soon as possible. If you need to speak with us directly, simply call 386.760.3790 x 123 and we will be glad to assist you on the line.

General Application

If you are new to the security industry, please refer to our Training section to see if there are upcoming training courses that can break you into one of the fastest growing industries, world-wide.


Security Assessment


Individual security assessment

Each and every one of our security assignments are thoroughly assessed by our security professionals. We make sure that every vulnerability is  checked and covered with nothing left to chance.

Property security assessment

All of our properties are thoroughly assessed by trained security officers to make sure that any weak points or vulnerabilities are covered. This process is done with the company of the client so that any founding are discussed and addressed immediately.

our most respected clients include

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    P1 has promoted more than 85 World Championship races and more than...
  • The Daytona Tortugas
    The Daytona Tortugas are a minor league baseball team based in Daytona Beach, Florida. The team plays...
  • Swedish Match
    Well known brands include General snus, Longhorn moist snuff, White Owl cigars,...
  • Ocean Center Daytona Beach
    Where you meet can make all the difference. The Ocean Center is...
  • GMR Marketing, LLC
    GMR Marketing is a global, full service engagement marketing agency that blends...
  • Indian Motorcycles
    Legendary. That defines Indian Motorcycle®. America’s first motorcycle company, Indian Motorcycle® has...
  • Fifth Third Bank
    Fifth Third Bank has a rich legacy of community support. In 1948,...
  • Hilton Daytona Beach
    The Hilton Daytona Beach Ocean Walk Village Hotel is just minutes from...