Executive Protection



CMG Personal Protection provides extensive, state-of-the-art, executive protection services. Our security umbrella, available to both business and personal travelers, is always customized to meet individual and corporate-wide needs.

Our executive security credentials and capabilities are unparalleled, featuring:

  • Worldwide Executive Protection with Agents and Chauffeurs available
  • VIP Protection
  • Experience protecting high-profile celebrities, political figures and high net-worth individuals
  • Highly-trained personal protection specialists who have served with the United States Army, the United States Marine Corp, the U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency and U.S. Air Force SERE Team
  • Specialized vehicles
  • Latest intelligence reports on political and criminal activities anywhere in the world, no matter your destination
  • Total professionalism, confidentiality and reliability
  • Security systems, planning and design
  • Crisis management and disaster recovery
  • Event and facilities security, planning and management
  • Developing security protocols and procedures
  • Security and criminal investigations
  • Comprehensive background checks
  • Meet Van Brinson
  • Van Brinson joins CMVan Brinson HeadshotG Pro Security after career in the US Marine Corps.   During his time in the Marine Corps he participated in Humanitarian Assistance operations in East Timor, Operation Determined Response recovering the crew of the USS Cole in Yemen, supporting the no-fly zones around Kuwait, Operation Enduring Freedom and Operation Iraqi Freedom. After his time in Iraq, Van was selected for duty with the Presidential Helicopter Squadron, HMX-1.  At HMX-1 Van served as the Facility Manager for a Level III secure facility and was then selected for duty as a White House Liaison Officer (WHLO).  As a WHLO he traveled in advance of the squadron and coordinated and established local guidelines, negotiated airspace requirements, coordinated with foreign air defenses and ensured seamless integration of these plans with the United States Secret Service, State Department Officials, state and local police in direct support of Presidential transportation both in the continental United States and abroad.  He also was responsible for advance preparation and logistics for squadron trips to include transportation requirements and force protection measures in support of Presidential visits.

Travel Security

International organizations and companies have assets and employees across the globe. We prepare and plan ahead to make sure that your travel is safe, secure and on time.

Frequent travelers face diverse security and safety challenges in unfamiliar environments, including:

  • Locating and activating reliable local emergency responders across the globe
  • Communications with multiple centers for different emergencies
  • Monitoring traveling employees both during routine and crisis
  • Traveling with assurance and confidence in foreign environment

CMG Pro Security Personal Protection takes holistic approach to travel management and security, covering all the related aspects in routine and emergencies.

The comprehensive services for global travelers include:

  • Intelligence packages tailored according to specific travel plans and needs
  • Global Locator App on your smart phone or separate hand held device (GPS/GPRS)
  • 24/7  Command Center, manned by professional Risk Consultants, if there is a problem, we are there to take care of you

Access to our network of global emergency response teams for:

  • Evacuation and Medical assistance
  • Executive Protection
  • Secure Transportation
  • Local Assistance/Global Response Network
  • Personal Assistants/Concierge services
  • Travel accommodations

Whatever your security and/or protection needs, CMG Pro Security Personal Protection is ready and waiting to serve you. It is just one more reason why we are The New Standard In Executive Travel and Protection.